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Created 2011-12-10
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Title Art Director
Description The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Champaign, Illinois is seeking a Art Director.

The Art Director develops and maintains the visual and aesthetic identity and standards of the University Press and oversees the recruitment, training, and management of work assigned to professional design staff, interns, and independent contractors. This position provides professional expertise and keeps current with design trends. Other duties and responsibilities include:

1. Oversee all design aspects of the manuscript-to-book/journal process for annual output of approximately 120 new book titles and approximately 30 journals. Balance conceptual, aesthetic, technical, and managerial demands; grasp the arguments of academic and trade publications and interpret the content in an appropriate way when coming up with cover and interior design concepts and art directing the work of other designers.

2. Oversee financial aspects of Design Department management, including control of the design budget and allocation of resources. Work closely with the EDP and production managers regarding list management, schedules, and strategic planning.

3. Recruit, train, and supervise staff designer, freelance designers, and design interns. Oversee and monitor freelance graphic services as needed.

4. Balancing expertise and collaboration, communicate, plan, consult, and negotiate with Press colleagues, University of Illinois purchasing department, and outside vendors to obtain the best possible results. Successfully communicate design considerations to nondesigners.

5. Consult with academic authors about their preferences for cover art and design treatment of text, illustrations, and covers and jackets. Advise authors on art preparation.

6. Formulate, implement, and interpret policies and procedures related to design.

7. Ensure that appropriate and consistent layouts or thorough type specifications are provided to the compositor and followed. Maintain and periodically refresh a library of format interior designs to meet a range of manuscript requirements.

8. Oversee typesetting for design-intensive books.

9. Identify and purchase suitable art and permissions for book jackets and covers. Ensure that covers are provided to the printer in electronic form with graphics files in place.

10. Work with Marketing colleagues to schedule advance design of covers as needed for two seasonal catalogs, satisfying the demands of the cover committee, authors, strict permissions requirements, and strict deadlines.

11. Provide preliminary castoffs and, as needed, rough design sketches for complex or design-intensive projects, to be used in obtaining production estimates.

12. Review and assess manuscripts and art programs prior to transmittal to editing.

13. Keep abreast of developments in relevant computer technology and software applications. Select software and hardware for purchase for design staff.

14. Design approximately 5 book interiors and 15–20 covers per year.

15. Update art guidelines and checklists as needed and maintain these on the Press’s Web site.

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