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Created 2012-02-03
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Title Communications Director
Description Columbia University in the City of New York is seeking a Communications Director.

Communications Director for the newly established Department of Systems Biology at Columbia University. This is an exciting opportunity to help define the online and print profile of a new trans-disciplinary department focused on applying systems approaches to understanding biological complexity. It is also an opportunity to help recruit a new generation of pre- and postdoctoral candidates who will traverse traditional disciplinary boundaries to become the future leaders in research, technology, and education. The Communications Director will report directly to the Chairman of the Department, Dr. Andrea Califano.
Job Description Summary:
- Responsible for the Department's website. Work with IT staff to design, implement, update and maintain a user friendly, informative departmental website. Provide leadership in the design and development of relevant online communications. Develop themes and identify content ideas for the website including written articles, photography and artwork for all features and news.
- Responsible for the Department's online and print profile. Populate the content of the Departmental website, ensuring comprehensive coverage of Departmental activities (including but not limited to events calendar, publications, courses, shared resources, faculty profiles, donor opportunities, etc,). Creatively and effectively communicate the Department's research, goals, and achievements via the website, and email/print communications as needed.
- Research and write numerous announcements and other postings covering Department achievements, awards, note-worthy discoveries, grants, and highlights in order to maintain a vibrant community and promote the Department to the University community, government and private sectors.
- Work closely with the Department Chair as an organizer for faculty development and outreach, student and postdoc recruitment, planning and motivating staff in Department-wide outreach and communications efforts. Organize and communicate events for visitors to the Department.
- Develop and implement marketing and communication strategies across new and emerging communication channels that target a number of audiences including future students, current students, alumni, relevant journals and the potential funding communities.
- Responsible for editorial quality control to ensure that online and print content is accurate, relevant, and up-to-date.
- Liaise with Columbia scientists, staff and administrators to ensure the relevance, timeliness and accuracy of all communications.
- Must be able to meet expected deadlines and work independently.
- Will supervise part-time staff members/students as needed.
- Strong computer literacy in web applications, word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing and graphic software packages

For further information and to apply to this job visit the following link: