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Created 2016-03-30
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Title The use of roadside obstacles reduce the speed
Description On the high-speed Beijing-large, we will find a lot of the right side of the highway there is a big uphill similar <a href="">China Brake Factory</a> building, at a distance there will be, because this high-speed disc on a hill, large hill and a large downhill section is very large, all large downhill section there will prevent brake failure buildings.

A good driver will check the state before moving the car to see if the battery charge, tire pressure, etc. look, to be aware of the car's condition. When we find poor condition, the need for timely maintenance and repair, to prevent a dangerous situation brake failure, tire and so on.

Regularly check the condition and to detect faults, to avoid danger.

Since mentioned brake failure, the super driver Xiaobian talk about the cause of the brake failure, brake failure and experience how it should deal with. As to the possible consequences of brake failure, I would not need to say, this is everyone knows.

If you should encounter a vehicle brake failure, we must pay attention to, when need is a cool process.

First: the cause of brake failure in general, cause brake failure has four.

1.The brake system lacked the necessary maintenance, brake pads wear did not, oil will cause the brake pads into the brake pads do not have enough friction so that the car can not be stopped.

2.The gas tank or pipe interface to leak, resulting in brake pads can not be close to the brake hub.

3.Due to improper operation led to mechanical failure, such as prolonged downhill will brake pad friction and heat, brake hub carbonization, brake function completely ineffective;

4.Due to severe overloading or speeding, under the action of gravity, increasing the car's inertia, a direct result of brake failure.

Second: Ping Road brake failure how to do?

1.The dot on the brakes

In normal driving, if find insufficient braking force, do not panic, first to last point on the brakes, reduce speed as much as possible, and open the double flash.

2.Grip the steering wheel and downshift

Hold the steering wheel, and a low gear from the high-speed gear gradually approaching, the use of engine braking.

3.Pull handbrake

If slow speed, you can try to pull the hand brake can reduce the speed. But be careful not to pull the hand brake pull about to die, so easy to cause direct damage to the handbrake system, leading to failure of the handbrake, should gradually gently pull the handbrake.

4.The use of roadside obstacles reduce the speed

Watch the curb if there is fence, wall, mountain, etc., grip the steering wheel with both hands, and slowly close to the obstacle, the entire car body side contact obstacle play deceleration purposes. Need to be careful not shoved near obstacles, we should go back a little by little, so as not to cause deformation of the <a href="">AT Brake</a>, injuries to the driver.