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Created 2011-11-21
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Title Web Editor
Description Salary Range: $30.80 - $37.00/hr

University of Southern California's (USC) Viterbi School of Engineering is seeking a Web Editor to join its Communications and Marketing team and will report to the Executive Director of Communications and Marketing. The Web Editor holds the primary responsibility for all front-end web-based content for the USC Viterbi School. As such, the highest priority is participating in content generation so proficiency and experience in writing and producing affiliated web content (stories, data graphics, multimedia, video, etc.) is fundamental. Backend proficiency at Viterbi is robust and the Web Editor will work closely with our programmers and digital communications specialist to develop clear, seamless, user interface (UI) experiences regardless of the touchpoint. Heavy emphasis will be placed on mobile platforms.

Unlike typical "webmaster" positions, the Web Editor possesses virtually all of the same responsibilities, but with a strong focus placed on 1) editorial skills and 2) end user interface design. Writing, storytelling, and editing over multiple platforms and channels are critical tasks that the coding, technical and UI design literacy are in the service of.

The Web Editor will manage all existing digital communications platforms including but not limited to e-newsletters, email marketing, display-based environmental graphics and copy, School website, unique campaign sub- and micro sites, and social media.


- Maintain editorial responsibility of all School-level ( web content. Coordinate with all sub-sites managed by departments and other units.
- Periodically review all other web content of the departments, units, research institutes and centers for accuracy, timeliness, and editorial consistency.
- Spearhead, manage vendors and collaborate with Viterbi IT on a site-wide UI redesign.
- Pitch, develop and write stories for both print and digital outlets. Edit and copy edit content.
- Front and back end maintenance of all social media outlets affiliated with the School. Develop and maintain web presence on multiple platforms including an aggressive push on mobile devices.
- Analyzes, designs, implements and maintains technical solutions and multimedia content and systems for the School's online presence. Communicates and consults with faculty and staff to determine and define web needs and functionality.

For further information and to apply to this job visit the following link: