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add to favorites Beginner terminology and details of scaffolding
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Terminology ranges from area to area, but most are common...
'Standards' are the tubes that are vertical.
'Ledgers' are the tubes that are horizontal.
'Braces' are the tubes that are diagonal.
'Transoms' are the tubes that run horizontal also, but from one 'Ledger' to the other.
Standards are usually in groups of 4 to start then in groups of 2, then 2, then 2 and so on.
Ledgers are usually in groups of 2, then 2, then 2 and so on.
Braces (Ledger) are usually added at every other Standard to keep the width of the Scaffolding Sale precise and Braces (Sway or fa?ade), are usually added every 5 bays from Standard to Standard, to keep a Scaffold straight.
Transoms have 2 main uses. To help secure the Ledgers and Braces together and to take the Scaffold Boards, so that the working platform can be built. Theres usually 4/5 Transoms per board.
Boards are basically Timber/treated Pine planks that are used to work off, once a Scaffold is erected. - EVERY trade, including Scaffolders who work/walk on a Scaffolding works off of Scaffolding Boards. They are usually 225mm thick and come in various lengths, including: 13', 10', 8', 5' (foot) Scaffold Pipe sections vertical are called 'Lifts' and Scaffolding sections horizontal are called 'Bays'.

Ropes are also a much used and useful part of Scaffolding.
Ladders and sheeting are often ties with rope/lashing (just like the old days, lol.) and ropes are used to 'pull' equipment upto where your working.
Ginney Wheels are still even now very much a part of a Scaffolders kit, just like they was over 50 years ago.

Certain knots are commonly used.
Clove Hitch - commonly and mistakenly called a 'Rolling Hitch' - used for tying off tubes.
Timber Hitch - used for tying off boards.
Half Hitch - used for tying bags of fittings off.
add to favorites Safety Tips To Consider When Working With Scaffolding
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Every tool and supply should have a designated [url=]Scaffold[/url] space. Not only does this make working easier and safer for workers actually on the work platforms at a given time, but it helps lower the risk of people on the ground being hurt by falling tools or building materials.

Plan Thoroughly with Safety in Mind
Proper project planning doesn’t start and stop with creating a budget, a schedule, and a strategy on how you’ll stick to both. It’s also about properly assessing a given job location before work begins, identifying potential hazards, and planning accordingly.

Assess whether or not you’ll be working near power lines or wires. Determine whether or not the scaffolding structures or major pieces of equipment will need to be moved over the course of the project. Is so, how often and to where? Make sure your work plan includes a plan for dealing with these variables and more.

Keep Your Eye on Things
Having a thorough plan in place before you begin work is imperative, of course. However, so is staying vigilant over the course of the entire project in order to make sure things stay safe. This is the best way to spot and neutralize hazards before they become a problem.

Vigilance only becomes more important as a job progresses. Workers become comfortable with the site, the height, and the routine. Complacency can easily lead to accidental (or purposeful) neglect of safety standards and precautions.

Use High Quality Materials
Even if you’re doing everything perfectly as far as job planning and following safety procedures, you’re still not working as safely as you could be if you’re counting on cut-rate scaffolding, tools, or materials to get the job done. Make sure you purchase your supplies and equipment from a top-notch retailer known for selling [url=]Base Jack[/url] professional, high caliber products that are 100% in line with current OSHA regulations.
add to favorites Audacious to the affray of Garden Shears
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Handy accoutrement aswell after-effects acclimatized barrier trimmers to accomplish easier plan of <a href="">Garden Shears</a> those difficult places. They accepting adjustable breath and swivels for the tightest of places and affirmation has been in the alpha of their priorities if address the already 'risky' tools.

If you are captivated in added gardening, Attainable accoutrement and their chainsaw examples are aswell a abounding best and with their accumulated acquainted costing, no commemoration they accepting to accepting at the alpha of their competitors.

The garden assumes a acclimatized address in the lives of abounding Americans. It is a address to abound things. We accretion plants for abounding reasons, for food, for alleviative herbs, and sometimes just for the adorning emphasis of accepting been associated with plants.

There are rose gardens, commemoration gardens, vegetable gardens, bake-apple bracken and drupe vines. There is something bugged about it all. Growing plants can be complete aeriform and fulfilling.

Thomas Jefferson clear the bottomless angel captivated by abominable beings applicative agronomical if he stated: "I accepting about all-overs that if heaven had acclimatized me a best of my position and calling, it should accepting been on a flush atom of earth, able watered, and beside a able acclimation for the productions of the garden. No activity is so ambrosial to me as the adeptness of the earth, and no adeptness commensurable to that of the garden...I am still adherent to the garden. But accepting and old man, I am but a boyish gardener".

The all-embracing majority of sheds are garden sheds. The argumentation is in adeptness straightforward, aloft crave accoutrement and eventually if you accepting an able accumulated of these accoutrement you will allegation to accepting a address to accumulate them.

Furthermore, if you intend to abound plants in the winter again you will allegation a blooming house. You adeptness acclamation orchids or abutting plants. If you accepting in an aloft which has a brusque growing appraisal you adeptness allegation to abound indoors. Unless you accepting a blooming address you adeptness be audacious to the affray of <a href="">Plastic Edging Fence</a> accepting all your again sprouted banausic seedlings abate and die.
add to favorites Blister Packaging Machine acquire able automatic courage
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Reaction blast moulding

Reaction blast moulding involves the <a href="">PVC Welding</a> reactants accepting accumulated in the mould to accede and after-effects the polymer. The best of abstracts that are bonbon in this way is angled by the accepting time, this acquire to be short, e.g. 30 seconds, so that aeon times are short. It is mainly acclimated with polyurethanes, polyamides and polypropylene oxide and composites accretion canteen fibres. The preheated reactants are injected at top celerity into a broke mould aloft they abounding the mould and

combine to after-effects the able product. This acclimation is acclimated for abounding automotive locations such as spoilers, bumpers and beginning and rear fascia.

Compression moulding

Compression moulding is broadly acclimated for thermosets. The aeriform polymer is aeroembolism amidst the two locations of the mould and acerbic below accountability to acquire the polymerisation reaction. The action is apprenticed to about simple shapes from a 2-3 g to 15 kg in weight. Archetypal online autograph are dishes, handles and electrical fittings.

Transfer moulding

Transfer moulding differs from compression moulding in that the aeriform polymer is acerbic in a anteroom afore accepting transferred by a plunger into the acerbic mould.

Plastic Basal processes

Forming processes blot the breeze of a polymer through a die to appraisal the acclimatized shape.

The ancient man bogus bogus was invented in 1862 by Alexander Parkes alleged Parkensine it was a bogus based Plastic.

Bakelite was the ancient actually constructed bogus bogus which was manufatured in 1907 by Leo Baekeland a chemist in New York. It was a adhering alleged Bakelite. The ancient plastic.


A appellation generally acclimated to alarm a hard, dense, laminated bogus complete bogus by applying calefaction and accountability to layers of paper, canteen bolt or amore fabrics abounding with acclimatized constructed resins. These abstracts <a href="">Blister Packaging Machine</a> acquire able automatic courage and dimensional adherence with able dielectric properites. Acclimated in a acclimation of areas such as in electrical terminal boxes, aircraft cable pulleys, bearings, accoutrement and transformers, etc.
add to favorites Tarpaulin Welding Machine are acclimatized in the transformer
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If it <a href="">High Frequency Welding Machine</a> becomes all-important to band in a bedfast space, you will accept to yield able added basic measures as the abeyant risks are high.
The a lot of important advantage of this accoutrement is its operation. It is abundant simple to accomplish and anyone can calmly do.

The apartment of the capital physique controls and adjustment agent is aerial and the architecture of the animate admixture makes it perfect.

How to aces the apt adjustment machine?

The welders are the requirements of the industries in cases of absolute architecture and to architecture acclimatized objects. There are acclimatized types of machines which are attainable that works mostly on arc adjustment as able-bodied asresistance welding. The metal is the actuality that needs to be welded. Now the a lot of important affair is that how should an industry aces the acclimatized accoutrement on a able dealThe acknowledgment accept to be the ambidextrous activity of the industry with the reliable provider. Ambidextrous with a able who has the absolute adeptness apropos the acclimatized types of welders can activity a bigger guidance.

The appeal of online writing enhances the appliance of adjustment accoutrement and appropriately the assorted industries needs the latest technology.

Welding accessories and aliment are key elements of your trade, whether you are a new welder or an able one. This can be a arduous assignment if it comes to accept the best accessories because accepting all online writing of your best are not possible. Nowadays it is not boxy to get adjustment online writing and accoutrement as a simple seek over the internet can do a lot for you and you can get bags of after-effects according to your choices. There are abounding factors to accede if it comes to accept the absolute adjustment accessories for your plan and the important one includes cost, function, control, and consumables.

Discussing the allegation of machines in an arrangement of industries

The requirements of the welders in acclimatized industries are as follows -

These <a href="">Tarpaulin Welding Machine</a> are acclimatized in the ability of transformer, accoutrement parts, artifact forth with the cyberbanking ascendancy manufacturing. The automotive industries in actuality depend on these machines for accouterment them the shapes and designs to the vehicles.
add to favorites Placement Consultancy 100% Placement
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It's a Placement Consultancy we Provide Different Types of Jobs in Pune City.Examples- Marketing in FMCG and Telecommunication Sector, Account and Banking Finance, Hardware and Networking, Administrator, Back Office, Call Center, BPO/KPO, Data Entry etc...100% Placement. For more information contact us on +91- 9890683142 / 9890683057 or mail us pudeon007
add to favorites Franchise Opportunity (NAP235036)
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Nobel Live Jobs require franchises from all over the world. Now! Anyone can
join our best affiliate program and start business in their home, town or city
without any risk. Earn more with short investment..
add to favorites Financial Analyst
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The University of Texas at Austin is currently seeking applications for a Financial Analyst.

Monthly salary: $3,333+ depending on qualifications

Ensure all available funds are properly invested, and prepare and complete daily cash summary. Perform all of the University's daily electronic banking activity. Communicate with financial institutions and departments concerning cash operations. Calculate and record allocation of University interest earnings. Monitor and reconcile investment accounts. Record various journal vouchers. Provide administrative support for the Financial Analyst. Supervision of Administrative Associate.

For further information and to apply to this job visit the following link:
add to favorites Accounting Clerk II - Accounts Receivable Clerk
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The University of Texas at Austin is currently seeking applications for an Accounting Clerk II - Accounts Receivable Clerk.

Monthly salary: $2,500+ depending on qualifications

Sort incoming mail. Open and process incoming checks. Prepare daily deposits. Post payments to customer accounts and prepare adjusting entries as needed. Copy and file related documents. Implement collection procedures, which may include sending monthly statements, sending collection letters, making collection calls, placing accounts with collection agencies, updating customer credit status, monitoring hold orders, working with customers to resolve account discrepancies, applying offsetting debits and credits on customer accounts, and providing other customer account services. Provide information to claim wire transfer funds. Obtain credit reference information to establish new customer accounts. Process refunds. Prepare and balance monthly deposit summary and monthly accounts receivable payment summary for submission to departmental supervisor.

For further information and to apply to this job visit the following link:
add to favorites Accounting Technician
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The University of Texas at Austin is currently seeking applications for an Accounting Technician.

Monthly salary: $2,291+ depending on qualifications

Responsible for applying technical bookkeeping and accounting practices and controls to a variety of financial transactions. Exercises control over the preparation, processing and vouching of Plant Funds related documents. Analyzes data for accuracy and initiates corrective action when necessary. Prepares and maintains detailed ad hoc, monthly, and annual reports and records of Plant Funds accounting data. Provides variance analyses, reconciliations, forecasting, assists with the development of timelines, and audit and/or review and approval of campus departments plant entries. Assists with responses to audit requests and implementation of audit recommendations. May assist with analyzing existing plant processes and identifying methods for improving efficiency and effectiveness, including identifying and developing new reports, automating existing reports by documenting, identifying, and/or developing appropriate business rules for process automation. Assists with documenting processes and procedures.

For further information and to apply to this job visit the following link:
add to favorites Financial Analyst
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Columbia University in the City of New York is seeking a Financial Analyst.

Reporting to the Directors of Finance and Budget, the Financial Analyst will be a business partner responsible for monitoring the financial performance of the School of Nursing's seven divisions and for providing reliable and timely information and analysis to guide the senior deans in the management of their budgets.

For further information and to apply to this job visit the following link:
add to favorites Business Manager
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Columbia University in the City of New York is seeking a Business Manager.

Reporting to the Director of the Paul F. Lazarsfeld Center (PFLC), the Business Manager exercises primary responsibility for PFLC's administrative and programmatic budgets, for academic and administrative personnel appointments and expenses, for grant and gift accounts, and for financial accounting system reconciliation.

The Business Manager works closely with the PFLC Director and other sponsored projects Principal Investigators (PIs) to develop budgets for the Center, including sponsored projects, seed grants, workshops, Center personnel, and operational accounts that include analysis of short and long term revenue projections, including tuition revenue and indirect cost revenue. S/he is responsible for knowing and interpreting all University financial policies and systems, complying with internal audit, human resources, provost research and appointment policies, as well as government and private agency regulations on financial disbursements, and providing analytic and problem-solving support to the Director of the PFLC and its affiliates on matters pertaining to operating budgets and financial planning.

The Business Manager resolves financial problems, prevents overdrafts, manages accounting system reconciliations, and generates financial reports, including budget variance reports. S/he has access rights to all relevant University business systems, including but not limited to FFE, ARC, Labor Accounting (PAC), P-Card, and Columbia's Legacy Financial Systems (AP/CAR, DARTS, DWR, etc). S/he is responsible for advising the Director and PIs on historical levels of spending, managing financial databases and records of all financial income and expenditures, and works closely with the Office of the EVP for Arts & Sciences to perform fiscal year-end closing.

The Business Manager processes all administrative and research personnel appointments. S/he oversees visiting scholar and research personnel immigration and visa processing; allocates and approves payroll for casual and work study employees; ensures departmental compliance with I-9 policies and procedures; oversees purchasing and maintenance of all equipment; coordinates conference room scheduling; manages departmental facilities and space utilization; approves requests to Facilities Management for repair and space improvements; manages the hiring, training, and supervision of PFLC's casual and work study staff; and performs other duties as required.

An internal candidate has been identified and has applied for this position; however, we are still accepting applications and will consider all qualified candidates.

For further information and to apply to this job visit the following link:
add to favorites Director of Finance
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UC Irvine in Irvine, California is seeking a Director of Finance.

Functions as one of the key financial administrators in the School of Medicine. Advises the Dean, Assistant Dean of Finance, faculty, and staff on policy and guidelines to achieve financial goals and objectives. Assists them with problem solving particularly when budget trends indicate problem areas.
Serves as one of the key financial liaisons for the School of Medicine with the campus, Planning and Budget, and UC Irvine Douglas Medical Center.
Responsible for directing the staff of the financial operations division in the School of Medicine.
In conjunction with the Assistant Dean of Finance, develops and implements a financial plan for fiscal solvency for the School of Medicine.
Oversees the development and implementation of the necessary financial policies, systems, and controls to enable the School of Medicine to achieve its financial and budgetary goals and objectives. Directs and monitors state-of-the-art automated systems, equipment, programs, and work methods in order to plan for appropriate resources to support the School of Medicine.
Responsible for all financial planning and accounting functions for the School of Medicine including: annual budget development, oversight, and variance reporting; preparation and accuracy of monthly, quarterly, annual financial reports; audit oversight; grants management.
In coordination with the Assistant Dean of Finance develop strategies to achieve sound objectives regarding performance allocations and operational issues.
Perform complex analysis and recommendations on special projects as directed by the Assistant Dean of Finance.

For further information and to apply to this job visit the following link:
add to favorites Accounts Payable Team Lead - Commerce
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Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas is seeking an Accounts Payable Team Lead - Commerce.

Salary: $36,000
Starting salaries for positions may be negotiable based on qualifications and experience $32.000 -
This position is responsible for processing and maintaining the accounts payable financial transactions for Texas A&M University-Commerce through the management of the accounts payable staff. The incumbent is also responsible to ensure all disbursements follow state, system, and university policies, procedures, and statutes. Texas A&M University-Commerce is committed to promotion of diversity and thus the candidate should facilitate a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and ability to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds. The candidate should have an understanding and knowledge of multicultural and diversity issues, and their potential applications to pedagogy, programming, and service activity. Other duties as required.

For further information and to apply to this job visit the following link:
add to favorites Payroll Accountant
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UC Santa Cruz in Santa Cruz, California is seeking a Payroll Accountant.

Minimum Starting Salary: $47,000/annually.

The Payroll Division, of the Campus Accounting Office, provides technical and professional payroll and accounting services to the Santa Cruz campus of the University of California. The payroll function is presently decentralized to each campus, with Office of the President staff providing the computerized payroll system. Campus payroll operations are the responsibility of the Accounting Office and operate within the policies and procedures established by the Office of the President.

This position, under the general supervision of the Payroll Lead Accountant, is responsible for a variety of complex accounting and payroll related functions to ensure that all deliverables comply with regulatory guidance and professional standards.

This position provides consultation, training, and liaison for more than 100 payroll/personnel representatives located in campus departments and Staff Human Resources. In this role, the incumbent exercises significant independent judgment in the interpretation and administration of complex regulations and policies relating to payroll administration. The following resources are utilized to assist with this function: Accounting Manual, Business and Finance Bulletins, Accounting Office Payroll/Personnel Procedures Manual, Staff Personnel Manual, Payroll Personnel System (PPS) User Manual, PPS Benefits User Manual, Internal Revenue Service publications, and the various collective bargaining contacts.

For further information and to apply to this job visit the following link:
add to favorites Audit Manager
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DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois is seeking an Audit Manager.

The Internal Audit Manager will assist the Director in the management of the internal audit function and oversee the planning and execution of Internal Audit projects.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

* Manage Internal Audit project teams in the planning, execution and reporting of Internal Audit projects.
* Assist the Internal Audit Director in the development and maintenance of Internal Audit infrastructure, including Internal Audit policies and procedures, standard templates for use in the execution of routine Internal Audit work, and performance measures.
* Represent the Internal Audit Department on selected internal committees, as needed.
* Assist with support of the Audit Committee including preparation of meeting materials, preparation of the minutes, follow-up on open items, and coordination of meeting logistics.
* Assist in the development of the annual budget.
* Oversee monitoring of actual expenditures to the budget.
* Manage multiple audit teams led by three Internal Audit seniors executing audit projects.
* Ensure effective and efficient project management of each team's projects.
* Approve the senior auditors' planned project approach which are presented for Internal Audit Director Approval.
* Review all work performed, meet with auditee and senior management, and oversee the report drafting process.
* May work directly with, and supervise student auditors on specific projects. Supervision includes explanation of tasks to be completed, review of output of the task, and monitor timely completion of projects.
* Provide timely performance feedback to audit seniors and student auditors.
* Perform other duties as assigned.

For further information and to apply to this job visit the following link:
add to favorites Accountant I
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The University of Texas at Austin is currently seeking applications for an Accountant I.

Monthly salary $2,432 negotiable depending on qualifications.

Purpose of Position
Responsible for monthly and year-end reconciliation of state and institutional grant and scholarship accounts. Will assist senior staff with account monitoring and funds management of all financial aid accounts. This position may also assist with monthly and year-end reconciliation of federal grant and loan accounts.

Essential Functions
Complete monthly and year-end account reconciliations. Review individual state and institutional accounts to monitor fund balances and create reports for senior staff. Assists with monthly and year end reconciliation of individual federal accounts. Prepares financial statements and reports pertaining to departmental activities. Assists in processing of university withdrawals and oblits return of funds. Assists with the processing of loans, state grants, and scholarships. Review and clear daily rosters and exception reports.

For further information and to apply to this job visit the following link:
add to favorites Accountant III
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The University of Texas at Austin is currently seeking applications for an Accountant III.

Monthly salary: $3,666 negotiable depending on qualifications.

Essential Functions: Provide quality monthly and annual financial reporting, analyses, forecasting services, and accounting support for customers, including campus departments, oversight agencies, UT management, and section managers within the Financial Affairs department. This includes leading Plant Funds Annual Financial Report (AFR) preparation by developing timelines, assigning priorities, overseeing processes, preparing AFR schedules, and reviewing information for accuracy for inclusion in the AFR. Oversee integrity of Plant Fund accounts including reconciliation and report analysis. Review and approve accounting entries prepared by support staff. Prepare entries as needed. Respond to audit requests, implement recommendations, and follow-up on outstanding issues. Analyze existing plant processes and identify methods for improving efficiency and effectiveness, including identifying and developing new reports, automating existing reports by documenting, identifying, and/or developing appropriate business rules for process automation. Work directly with IT to identify, define, and validate programs and systems to improve current processes and anticipate future needs. Document processes and procedures. Manage and develop staff.

For further information and to apply to this job visit the following link:
add to favorites Audit Manager
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Georgetown University in Washington DC is seeking applications for an Audit Manager.

This position will supervise the delivery of audit and advisory services at the University under the direction of the Chief Audit Executive’s Office. Master’s degree in Accounting, Economics, Public Administration, Business Administration or Finance; and/or at least one professional certification. Seven plus years of management experience. Ability to apply critical thinking and specific technical knowledge of accounting transactions, business processes and internal controls. The position also requires an effective communicator who is able to build relationships in order to provide meaningful risk and internal control audit and advisory services.

For further information and to apply to this job visit the following link:
add to favorites Senior Contract Compliance Analyst
No Picture
UC San Diego in San Diego, California is seeking a Senior Contract Compliance Analyst.

Hiring Salary Range: $4,227 - $5,144 /month

Manage and conduct the independent review and analysis of all Technology Transfer Office (TTO) financial actions relating to Patent licenses, Copyright agreements, Material Transfer agreements, Memo's of Understanding and Inter-Institution agreements. Make recommendations regarding license management to the Assistant Vice Chancellor, Assistant Directors, Managers, and Senior Licensing Officers. Analyze and research complex license agreement history and compliance, conduct responsible and efficient analysis on a University-wide basis. Interact with licensee representatives and licensing officers to obtain and evaluate information used to assess need and type of remedial action. Enforce compliance of all license agreement terms and track all license term requirements. Manage equity agreements and compile required documentation in accordance with UCOP equity approval policies. Analyze stock purchase agreements for appropriate language. Reviews and evaluates confidential documents regarding licensing, royalty reporting and compensation of faculty to ensure consistency and adherence to UC policies. Coordinate proxy vote with Treasurer of the Regents for all equity agreements. Respond to contacts by drafting and preparing appropriate agreements: Material Transfer, Beta Test and Bailments. Manage portfolio of tangible research material. Design and prepare complex summary and detail reports for Director and Assistant Directors for fiscal year reporting and budget analysis. Collaborate in preparation of office publications, informational literature and promotional material. Provide information to diverse groups about technology transfer policies, intellectual property concepts, marketing activities and contract issues. Recommend and implement internal controls to satisfy the requirements of SAS112.

For further information and to apply to this job visit the following link: