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The affair was that she would about bolt the ancillary of the granite if she transferred pots and pans from one basin to the added and this did cause a baby cavity in the granite, which auspiciously we were able to brightness out for her. If you are afraid about this accident afresh opt for an basal beneath arise China Stainless Steel Bathroom Faucet so that you do not charge to awning a grainite accomplished amid the two bowls. Consistently accomplish abiding you accumulation the absolute stainless steel sink to the granite architect so that the stainless steel sink cut out matches perfectly.

Inset animate stainless steel sinks are brash to bean on to the apparent of a counter-top. Because the rim of the stainless steel sink wraps over the stainless steel sink aperture it is accessible to use these stainless steel sinks on coat surfaces and abstracts with a grain, like copse or bamboo. About inset stainless steel sinks are rectangle or square, so the cut out is beneath difficult and appropriately a little beneath costly. Inset stainless stainless steel sinks arise in a veriety of basin configurations, so you should be able to acquisition the one that is adapted for you.

When you are in the market, you will see that there are abounding kinds of handmade sink stainless steel sink that you can acquire from. Abreast from the materials, there are aswell altered styles and colors that you can acquire from. If you acquire a affair in your kitchen, you can aswell acquisition altered stainless steel sinks that can clothing your style, charge and budget. There are added colors to acquire from and the abyss of the stainless steel sink aswell varies.

As its name suggests, it is stainless. This agency that the absolute is simple to advance and charwoman it is even easier. Stains are cause of accident and a stainless steel sink that is decrepit may not attending acceptable in the kitchen. With the stainless steel sink, you will admire appliance it afterwards accepting abundant agitation if you are cleaning.

Whether arcade for a new China Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet to go with a home redesign, a alone basin stainless steel sink to apparatus in your new business, or a aggregate adjustment of stainless steel sink undermount stainless steel sinks for a contractor, Platinum stainless steel sinks offers the best branch absolute prices with chargeless shipment on every order.See more at http://www.handmadesink.net/product/stainless-steel-faucet/stainless-steel-bathroom-faucet/
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1, the printer can not work after power is turned on.

For this type of failure, we must first confirm that the printer's power switch is set to "ON", if you have placed "ON", then you have to check the power cord and power plug and the power outlet is good, if no exception But still not power, then you have to check the plugged in the power outlet is the power and the voltage is normal (with a test pen can be), these aspects if there is no problem, then you look at the printer's fuse has been blown (If the first power to check), if not blown or have been blown but re-fuse again, then the printer part of the circuit there is a short circuit fault, then if you can not find a significant damage to the components, then Looking for a professional maintenance department for maintenance.

2, the printer can not print online content on the computer.

For this type of failure, we first check whether the printer is online and then check that the canon [url=http://v4toner.hatenablog.com/]toner[/url] is the default printer for the system - some software will virtualize a default printer (such as some fax software), then you just "Printer" folder to change the default settings on the line, if not enough, then you can check the printer driver

Whether the installation is wrong or has been damaged or has been lost, if the reload after the invalid you then check the printer's cable interface and the computer connection is wrong or connect the data cable is faulty - you can conduct a self-test print, if Can not print out to prove that the printer may be part of the internal circuit damage, then you'd better find a professional maintenance department for maintenance, if you can print out to prove that the data cable or interface is a problem, then you can change Try a new connection data cable. Of course, sometimes in the printer for some of the design of the virus will lead to the failure, so you have to use anti-virus software to try to check the virus.

3, print online data can not be completely printed.

In the event of such a failure, you can first look at the panel "Form Feed" light is on, if it is lit, then you want to leave the printer, and then press the "Form Feed" button to print the remaining The file in the printer buffer; if the printer does not display any information and the data has not yet been printed, then you should check the user software for errors.

4, the printer can not print self-test.

For this type of failure we first check the brother tn 660 in the choice of self-check menu item when it is offline, if normal, then check the tray has been installed and the paper box is not installed paper, if there is no problem You will check the printer cover is closed and check the machine with or without paper jam phenomenon, of course, if the printer's control panel shows the information, you can solve the problem for the information first. If you can not find the point of failure to find a professional maintenance department to help it.

This article come from:http://v4toner.hatenablog.com/entry/2017/09/28/184432
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Today we will introduce why you need choose Samsung’s cartridges. maybe some user prefer canon printer cartridges, but my choice is Samsung, below we will explain it for you.

Samsung's line of printers includes a model for virtually every user type, from enterprise and professional printers to home computer users. V4Ink is pleased to offer compatible replacements for all models that are built with the highest quality materials and designed to work as efficiently and effectively as the originals. Their photo printers are a great option for home computer users who want to print pictures in the comfort of their home, while the all-in-one printer offering is ideal for multipurpose users. Samsung series is a heavy duty offering for photographers and designers who need the highest quality prints. Samsung's full line of printers includes: home office inkjet, photo all-in-one, office all-in-one, photo inkjet, professional photo inkjet, compact photo, crafting printers, laser printers, black and white laser multi-function, corporate and graphic arts, and large format inkjet printers. If you have any questions about your Samsung printer or can't find the ink cartridges that work with your printer model, please contact us. With over 30 years printing experience, we've come across virtually every printer issue known to man, and are more than happy to help troubleshoot any issue you may be experiencing with your Samsung printer.

By the way, we also need introduce some tips for your cartridges.
For samsung printer cartridge - Low Ink or Empty Ink
It is very common for samsung [url=http://v4toner.over-blog.com]printer cartridge[/url] to incorrectly display ink levels. If you ink level appears to be empty on the Printer Software please ignore this message & follow the instructions below to turn off or minimize the warning dialog box :
1. In Windows XP. Select Start.
2. Select Printers & Faxes (or open the Control Panel and select the Printers & Faxes folder)
3. Select your Dell printer.
4. Click FILE on the top right corner and select Printing Preferences from the pull down menu.
5. Select Advanced Options Tab.
6. Click on More Options.
7. Select one of the following two options.
a. Never Display the print status
b. Display the printing status minimized in task bar.
8. Press OK, Press OK, and close windows.

This article come from:http://v4toner.over-blog.com/2017/10/useful-suggestion-and-tips-for-samsung-s-cartridges.html
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As we all know, CF230A Toner Cartridges are used in office machines such as Laser Printers, Fax Machines and Photocopiers. Many people think this cartridge from V4ink is the best toner cartridge. Actually depending on your printer brand and printer series you have the choice of buying original, remanufactured or compatible toner cartridges. Some cartridges are also refillable, in this case refill kits containing Laser Toner can be bought. The basic role of the toner cartridge is to supply the machine with a dry powder or liquid substance called Laser Toner. If dry toner is used, the printer melts the toner by heat of the fuser thereby binding the toner to the paper and forming images and text. Toner cartridges are heavier and significantly larger in size compared to ink cartridges. As for Ink Cartridges, different types of toner cartridges exist on the market.

OEM /Original Ink Cartridges are produced by the printer manufacturer. A significant part of the printer makers profit actually comes from selling the ink and not the printer. Did you know that Inkjet Ink is probably the most expensive liquid per volume you will ever buy? It's actually more expensive than Champagne, Perfume, Oil and even Gold and other expensive substances that come to your mind!

If most of your print jobs are about printing text and black graphics, we recommend you to go with Compatible Ink Cartridges instead of OEM [url=http://v4toner.pixnet.net/blog]Ink Cartridges[/url]. If the quality of the print is really important and you are printing in full colors, go with OEM Ink Cartridges. About the remanufactured Ink Cartridges, they are produced from recycled materials. Buying this cartridge type is not only good for your wallet but also for nature since this reduces waste and energy consumption.

A fourth option is to buy an ink refill kit so that you can refill your old ink cartridges yourself. Remember that empty cartridges are best refilled while they are still fresh. If they are empty and unused for too long there is a risk that your print head (if applicable) has been clogged. After you know more about those two different types, we can make better choice. So that is why we need to know what the Original Ink Cartridge and remanufactured Ink Cartridge is.

This article come from:http://v4toner.pixnet.net/blog/post/81329436-what-is-original-ink-cartridge-and-remanufactured-ink-cartri
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Printer is no more than an indispensable office device for every office, but also an important tool for modern families. No matter printing office profile, preparing the customer material, the figure of printer is bound to appear. However, the seemingly unremarkable printing cost makes various enterprises bitter after the accumulation of these years. Therefore, when the announcement of "super HP" about any dynamics events will attracted many businesses and individuals' attentions".

Printing" the new world

"Super HP" series has been answered or solve everyone's questions and the worries by actual performance. Just for HP Color laser jet pro M252dw and HP Color Laser jet Pro MFP M277n printer, the two printers, which use HP's latest cf400x [url=http://ink-cartridges-online.blogspot.com]toner cartridge[/url], you can get high quality and abundant page yield. The average coverage is about 2300 pages of black and 2800 pages. With greatly saves printing costs, you can eliminate the need for frequent replacement of consumables. In the face of such low cost and high effective printing products, whatever the large users group who print tasks every day or individuals who want to save print cost as much as possible will fall in love it.

In addition to having low printing costs, HP Color laser jet pro M252dw and HP Color Laser jet Pro MFP M277n printer also do well in energy saving and environmental protection. Both two products meet the international certification standards ISO 9001 and 14001. When they endeavor to offer the best service, in the meanwhile make their own contributions to protect the environment which very deserve many companies to study and imitate.

1. High quality all-around good printers
To stand out in a competitive printer market, it's not enough to rely on the ultra-low print costs. The HP Color laser jet pro M252dw printer has perfect quality to help the customer achieve the "super HP". With the help of the cf400x toner cartridges, this printer can either provide users with a clear , sharp document printing and more bright, beautiful pictures, picture print and the waterproof effect of powder, which meet customer's needs of the user long-term preservation. At the same time, it provides no-margin printing and leaflet printing, which fully meet multiple needs of enterprise users. Even reliable compatible toner cartridge has avoided the problems such as leaking ink, equipment parts damage. Printing costs and print quality, the tow topics which are undoubtedly printer users are most concerned about. HP Color laser jet pro M252dw is relying on the two outstanding features to gain consumers' love and cheer, which open and establish a new world for every customers.

At present, the excellent performance of these tow printers have received numerous consumers' recognition. You can get some information or buy them from HP's website as well as in Amazone.com. If you have a try to these two types printer, you will find more enjoyable things and more surprise will wait for you all the time.

This article come from:http://ink-cartridges-online.blogspot.com/2017/09/enjoy-hp-super-printer-printing.html
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Laser printers and inkjet printer, which is better? There are many questions and answers on the platform that solving the problems. In fact, the answers are various. In the history of the printer, the laser and inkjet printer appeared in similar time just to solve the requirement of print words. Now the distinction is based on the scene of the application, and different types of printers are selected under different scenarios and you will get multiplier effect.

Office use laser preference

If you choose a printer for your family or small office, the choice is more complicated. Generally speaking, we can do all the mockups on the market, but some people prefer laser printers. I highly recommend the brother MFC-7240 or HL-2240 for you. Both of them are the examples of laser multi-function printing, which they all have the features of printing,copying,scanning, and their volume is fine enough to put in a position that don’t take up your space. This is very suitable for a family or small working. The humanized aspect is that they don’t cost much money. Thinking from the cost angles, you will find that their inner core- brother tn450 cartridge http://www.v4inkreview.com is very suitable for you if you want to find a cost-effective toner cartridge. Compatible brother tn450 cartridge are suited for many types printer such as Brother DCP-7065D,HL-2280DW ,brother MFC-7240 and so on. Now that many print brands companies have launched these miniaturized black and white laser machines to meet user’s desired.

Inkjet printer priority for homework

The requirement of family print job is the main force of the current consumption for color inkjet printing products. As students begin to do their homework from primary school to universities, they are almost ready to be printed to the printing homework. The time is span 12 years, and a reliable inkjet printer with longer usage life is crucial to every student. The Canon image class D420 may suit your needs. It can quickly print your profile as your wish with clear fonts and longer shelf life. Inkjet printing products are updated quickly and may be changed when you need to buy. The products recommended here are cheap consumables with reliable quality, which enough to satisfy the needs of the home printing operation and can even print photos.

Early adopters of inkjet printers for color office

As the development of the evolution of printing technology, commercial printing is now using inkjet printing low-cost features for color output when it reflected in product crossover,performance and stability. Informally, the cost of printing ink is a few cents while color laser printing is even more expensive. Like HP laser Jet 1022, which is office’s ideal partner. The new" commercial inkjet printer" products, ink capacity, fast speed, but the printing costs rise rather than fall. Except for HP type of inkjet printer, Canon series products have commercial inkjet machine and in sales on office, preschool education class, hotel, hall and so on.

In general, the laser printers and inkjet printers can’t be compared, different scenarios have different answers, and the development of printer technology makes crossover and versatility stronger. However, there is a principle that small machines can be bought on the e-commerce site. The big machine is bought by the agent, besides you can talk about the guarantee of after-sales, the agent’s reputation, printers’ ability may be more important than the equipment itself.

This article come from:http://www.v4inkreview.com/which-is-better-for-you-laser-printer-or-inkjet-printer/
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Now a lot of people, no longer use the ordinary line with the headset, but the use of high-tech bluetooth headphones with mic. Bluetooth headset since it is a kind of electronic equipment, then it is bound to bring you a certain harm. What is the danger of https://www.smartomi.com Bluetooth headset ?

1. From the perspective of radiation, Bluetooth headset radiation is only one hundredth of the phone, than the average wired headset to use the radiation even lower. So in terms of radiation, Bluetooth headset is safe.

2. From the perspective of the headset, long-term wear headphones, too much volume will have some damage to the human ear hearing, of course, not long, large volume of the use of headphones.

But the headset itself, long-term wear on the body has some damage. Long-term use of headphones to answer the phone or music, because the eardrum and headphones vibration film is very close, the sound wave transmission range is small and concentrated, the auditory nerve stimulation of the eardrum is relatively large, easy to cause dizziness, tinnitus, hearing loss, heavy hearing; Several or even a dozen hours, there may be sudden deafness. Ear plugs can cause chronic irritation to the external auditory canal, causing inflammation of the ear; In addition, wearing a headset for too long, the spirit will always be in a state of tension, is not conducive to health.

So should avoid long-term use of headphones, Bluetooth is no exception, such as the use of intermittent and the sound can not be too big, just listen to clear. Do not listen to people in the noisy place, so you will be unable to hear the volume and increase the volume. It is recommended to listen to headphones only wear one, listen to some time for another ear to listen to, this will reduce the impact on hearing.

Although the Bluetooth headphones on the human body caused by little harm, but should not be ignored. So we usually try to stay away from the phone, and the use of Bluetooth headset should not be too long, not too loud, otherwise it will affect the eardrum.
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The face of today's Bluetooth market, so the brand, what brand of https://www.smartomi.com Bluetooth headset , Bluetooth headset what kind of cheap, Bluetooth headset what kind of fit and we do? This problem may have been troubled by a lot of friends, today I will give you about to help you understand what is the cheap Bluetooth headphones cheap, cheap Bluetooth headset for me?

Speaking of Bluetooth headset what is cheap and suitable for their own In fact, it is difficult to say is not difficult to say simple and simple, smart friends in the choice of Bluetooth headset when the seller will first ask, what is the advantage of this headset, what characteristics, cheap Where is the effect? In fact, I have a friend like this, although he was buying things, this thing does not understand, but he always asked the key to the problem. Once we have a piece to buy a mouse, went to the store directly to ask what kind of mouse for me, what I do what work, usually how to use what to do.

The salesman directly to my friend recommended a, save time and effort, and soon finished the matter, and he felt quite satisfied. In fact, this is a shopping skill, worthy of our study. Well, for everyone to introduce two relatively cheap Bluetooth headset, I said, is not cheap no good goods, good goods is not cheap. The following U8 bluetooth headphones for us to answer the phone, there is no other requirements of friends.
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On the high-speed Beijing-large, we will find a lot of the right side of the highway there is a big uphill similar <a href="http://www.antaibrake.com/">China Brake Factory</a> building, at a distance there will be, because this high-speed disc on a hill, large hill and a large downhill section is very large, all large downhill section there will prevent brake failure buildings.

A good driver will check the state before moving the car to see if the battery charge, tire pressure, etc. look, to be aware of the car's condition. When we find poor condition, the need for timely maintenance and repair, to prevent a dangerous situation brake failure, tire and so on.

Regularly check the condition and to detect faults, to avoid danger.

Since mentioned brake failure, the super driver Xiaobian talk about the cause of the brake failure, brake failure and experience how it should deal with. As to the possible consequences of brake failure, I would not need to say, this is everyone knows.

If you should encounter a vehicle brake failure, we must pay attention to, when need is a cool process.

First: the cause of brake failure in general, cause brake failure has four.

1.The brake system lacked the necessary maintenance, brake pads wear did not, oil will cause the brake pads into the brake pads do not have enough friction so that the car can not be stopped.

2.The gas tank or pipe interface to leak, resulting in brake pads can not be close to the brake hub.

3.Due to improper operation led to mechanical failure, such as prolonged downhill will brake pad friction and heat, brake hub carbonization, brake function completely ineffective;

4.Due to severe overloading or speeding, under the action of gravity, increasing the car's inertia, a direct result of brake failure.

Second: Ping Road brake failure how to do?

1.The dot on the brakes

In normal driving, if find insufficient braking force, do not panic, first to last point on the brakes, reduce speed as much as possible, and open the double flash.

2.Grip the steering wheel and downshift

Hold the steering wheel, and a low gear from the high-speed gear gradually approaching, the use of engine braking.

3.Pull handbrake

If slow speed, you can try to pull the hand brake can reduce the speed. But be careful not to pull the hand brake pull about to die, so easy to cause direct damage to the handbrake system, leading to failure of the handbrake, should gradually gently pull the handbrake.

4.The use of roadside obstacles reduce the speed

Watch the curb if there is fence, wall, mountain, etc., grip the steering wheel with both hands, and slowly close to the obstacle, the entire car body side contact obstacle play deceleration purposes. Need to be careful not shoved near obstacles, we should go back a little by little, so as not to cause deformation of the <a href="http://www.antaibrake.com/">AT Brake</a>, injuries to the driver.
add to favorites What's achievable with shipping Container Houses
Now that you've got some ideas about what's achievable with shipping [url=http://www.hzxiaoya.com/]Container Houses[/url], it's time to consider some other important factors. Planning and preparation is key to successfully building your home, in terms of structural stability, but also in terms of budget, functionality, timeframe, ongoing costs and council approval.

Plan the foundation for a shipping container home. A slab on grade application is a typical choice for the average home. Map out trenches on the perimeter of the foundation for drainage. Indicate where gas supply, electrical and water lines run to the base of the foundation. Add to the plan compacting soil, back-fill, gravel and re-bar for the foundation walls. Include how pre-cast panels are to be dropped and tied together.

We've been suggesting specific allowances to implementing blooming technologies in your domiciliary in an accomplishment to abate your home's cast and yield accomplish appear a absolutely blooming lifestyle. Solar panels and rain barrels are both abundant means to get started! However, if you're cerebration about demography a big footfall and architecture yourself a alembic home, actuality are some tips and admonition to get you started. As we ahead stated, insulation is key to your alembic home, but this is traveling to be a accepted album and adviser to accepting started with your cast new alembic home.

When speaking in angle about the economy, abounding approaching home owners are amateur blockage costs and prices and befitting an ear accessible for any affectionate of abatement or accumulation on architecture activity and costs, aliment reduction, and captivation assimilate any or all of the disinterestedness in their pockets. So, if it becomes a achievability to assemble an attractive, secured, avant-garde abode with the archetypal archetypal abundant looks of the case abstraction houses of the mid 20th Century, for a baby block of the amount of acceptable construction, humans alpha to get interested.

Here is imperative notification on Cozy Small [url=http://www.hzxiaoya.com/]Modified Shipping Container Home[/url] Plans. We have the finest step for Shipping Container House Plans inside of the Planning & Ideas category. Check it out for yourself now! You are able to find Shipping Container Home Plans guidelines and look the latest Cozy Small Shipping Container Home Plans in this page. Thank you for visiting hzxiaoya.com.
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Turtle Webs is a British owned and operated company based in Izmir, Turkey who have been providing quality web sites to customers in Turkey and the UK for over 2 years and have over 10 years experience in the IT industry.
At Turtle Webs we provide custom designs for your new or updated website tailored to fit your exact requirements. We also provide high quality US based web hosting services. With the use of modern communication technologies we are able serve customers across Turkey and around the globe.
E-mail: nfo@turtle-webs.com,Ph:+90 (0)542 599 98 51. For Advertise contact us ( Advertise@globalearnfast.com). A/C=med1291
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- Serve a contract assignment under InfoTech's headcount, full-time seconded to a leading bank;
- Responsible for projects using .NET framework, stored procedure and MS SQL Server.

- Bachelor's degree/Higher Diploma in Computer Science/IT or equivalent;
- At least 5 years' relevant working experience;
- Hands-on experience in .NET framework, stored procedure and MS SQL Server;
- Experience in ETL and VB scripts will be definite an advantage;
- Experience in the banking industry preferred.

Interested parties, please send updated cv to mailbox6@infotech.com.hk. For Advertise contact us ( Advertise@its3gsolutions.com). bw1221
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Are you jobless? Are you looking for a comfortable job? Do you want to increase your income? Do you want to get income regularly? Do you want to be popular in your area? If your answer is yes, then contact to us because we have the solutions for your questions. We offer franchise. You can raise your income up to $1000.if you are interested to open a franchise in your locality, and then apply now. Fee for franchise’s $1800. We are offering open world wide franchise.

Are you jobless? Are you looking for a comfortable job? Do you want to increase your income? Do you want to get income regularly? Do you want to be popular in your area? If your answer is yes, then contact to us because we have the solutions for your questions. We offer franchise. You can raise your income up to $1000.if you are interested to open a franchise in your locality, and then apply now. Fee for franchise’s $1800. We are offering open world wide franchise.

Are you jobless? Are you looking for a comfortable job? Do you want to increase your income? Do you want to get income regularly? Do you want to be popular in your area? If your answer is yes, then contact to us because we have the solutions for your questions. We offer franchise. You can raise your income up to $1000.if you are interested to open a franchise in your locality, and then apply now. Fee for franchise’s $1800. We are offering open world wide franchise.
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At Unicon Investment Solutions, we assist our prestigious customers in investing in the best properties in India, by offering them the most lucrative real estate deals. We provide full fledged investment solutions for residential as well as commercial properties in India, which include services related to the purchase of properties, documentation, renting and leasing, investment advisory services, property valuation and assisting clients with home loans.
For further details please contact
Vinoth kumar Ph: 9894109966
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Are you jobless? Are you looking for a comfortable job? Do you want to increase your income? Do you want to get income regularly? Do you want to be popular in your area? If your answer is yes, then contact to us because we have the solutions for your questions. We offer franchise. You can raise your income up to $1000.if you are interested to open a franchise in your locality, and then apply now. Fee for franchises $800. We are offering open world wide franchise. Concern with us for best solution. For more detail please visit www.Earnconcern.us
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Fastraks a subsidiary of Brisk-Technologies saying:
Now that’s the time to fulfill your dreams. You can bring in limitless income at home. Instantly use your time in accurate way and contact with us. Opportunities are waiting for you. Just spend some time and get handsome income to support your home. You can work part time or full time, No experience requires. To get access, please contact at this email Info@fastraks.com or visit our website www.fastraks.com.= gd2615
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Park Century School is looking for an experienced part time freelance person who is an expert in Raiser's Edge. Must have a good understanding of the capabilities of the program. Must have skills to run reports and queries.

Job Details: go topCategories: Education
Pay: 30.00 - 45.00/Hourly
Travel Required: 1% of the time
Experience Required: 3 yrs
Visa Sponsorship: Do not sponsor.
Preferred Degree: Associate
Job Certifications: none

Location: Culver City, CA 90232

Website: http://www.parkcenturyschool.org

For further information and to apply to this job visit the following link:
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The Career Ladders Project (CLP) works to strengthen the role of community colleges in providing educational and career advancement opportunities for Californians. Through research, policy initiatives and strategic assistance to colleges and their workforce development partners, the Career Ladders Project works to foster career ladders in California. Established by the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges and based in Oakland, CA, CLP operates under the Foundation for California Community Colleges, the non-profit auxiliary for the California Community Colleges.

On a consulting basis, CLP seeks a motivated self-starter to join a dynamic team. An ideal candidate will contribute fresh ideas to inform meaningful and impactful work. We seek demonstrated experience writing persuasive prose to tell the story of numerous CLP initiatives involving California Community Colleges and their diverse students. The Writer/Consultant will take direction from a team of CLP staff, vetting and critiquing written products. S/he will incorporate feedback resulting in a variety of final written products targeted to a variety of audiences.

CLP is seeking a Writer/Consultant to:
• translate and describe what CLP does into clear and compelling language;
• produce writing products for a variety of audiences in a clear and compelling manner and ultimately help make an impact on policies and practices that support community colleges and their students, especially students from communities which have been historically underserved by post-secondary education;
• develop, edit and proofread materials for our website, policy briefs, grant proposals and reports, PowerPoint presentations, press releases, collateral, newsflashes, and grant proposals;
• help the organization implement and maintain a shared digital archive to organize all written communications.

Candidates should have documentable experience with the following:
• Writing in a clear, effective, persuasive and jargon-free style tailored to different audiences, including policy makers, college faculty, the general public, philanthropy and academia.
• Outstanding and demonstrated communications skills including writing and editing;
• Knowledge of effective writing and communications practices and conventions;
• Developing and writing proposals and reports for grants from philanthropic, state and/or federal government sources.
• Ability to synthesize complex information and present data clearly;
• Writing about diverse populations and topics of inclusion, equity and social justice;
• Ability to conceptualize as well as attend to detail;
• High proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite;
• Knowledge of research and citation conventions;
• Knowledge of how to format and effectively use tables, charts, graphs in documents;
• Excellent organizational, prioritization, time management, and problem solving skills with ability to prioritize tasks/projects while keeping appropriate personnel apprised of status on a regular basis;
• Strong initiative and follow-through;
• Ability to work successfully under pressure and to handle competing priorities with minimal supervision at some times, heavier supervision at others;
• Ability to implement systems and follow-up processes;
• Ability to maintain confidentiality and communicate diplomatically;
• Ability to learn quickly and to ask for help as needed;
• Ability to prepare, read, analyze, and interpret documents;
• Ability to define problems, interpret data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions.

• Knowledge of post-secondary education and/or workforce development related programs, education and workforce development policies, practices or reform strategies;
• Familiarity with research on effective practices and educational reform, particularly with respect to community colleges.

Consultants are hired under contract and compensated at a negotiated hourly rate. The rates are commensurate with experience and qualifications.

Please submit a letter of interest, resume, and writing sample or vitae of writing products. Please submit materials as Word documents by email to info@CareerLaddersProject.org include in the subject line: Writing Consultant.

Resumes will be reviewed as they are received.