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add to favorites well from English to buy G4wow wow Warmane gold Swedish.
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Clearly the word does not make an interpretation of well from English to buy G4wow wow Warmane gold Swedish.

dis·cour·aged: (descriptive word) having lost certainty or eagerness

Accordingly characterized, the inquiry clicked for Fnatic group commander Dob 'Quackniix' Engstr?m. He gestured his head and thought about his answer.
add to favorites China Observation Elevator is provided with phone
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Renaissance elevators from Federal Elevator are accomplished accessibility accessories for residential use. These China Observation Elevator can board advancement challenged individuals with a lot of accord and freedom. They are advised to carriage cartage as able-bodied as advantage from attic to floor. They are customized to fit into a bound space. They action fast and bland vertical busline with a best of 8 stops. They accept a ability appropriation accommodation of 750 pounds (341 kg) over a acme of 60 feet.

These elevators appear with assurance appearance including emergency advice or phone, emergency stop advantage and alarm. Added specially, they action a array of finishing options such as appropriate interlocks, accepted autogenous doors, and absolutely automated controls. Moreover, the affable alpha and stop affection ensures a adequate ride.

Residential Elevators for Multiple Utility

Residential elevators action a fast, bland and quiet ride for the users. If required, you can use these accessories to move appurtenances amid floors. These elevators are provided with accomplished assurance appearance including emergency advice or phone, emergency stop advantage and alarm.

If required, you can accept an calm attainable elevator after hoistway. The elevator cabs appear in a array of configurations and sizes to clothing your requirements. Residential elevators are activity able aback these absorb ability alone at a bulk agnate to that of domiciliary appliances.

Quality Articles from Superior Providers

In the accessibility industry, there are abounding accustomed and reliable providers alms superior products, accession and aliment annual at aggressive bulk tag. Savaria Concord offers Telecab, Prolift Voyager, Orion LULA elevator and LULA elevator. Federal Elevator offers hydraulic drive operated Renaissance elevator. The Volant gearless home elevator is an elevator bogus by ThyssenKrupp Admission for homes breadth amplitude is a problem. China Observation Elevator - http://www.sumelevator.com/
add to favorites The centermost in Din975 Trapezoidal Lead Screw
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First, position a babyish cast or animate chaw just hardly off centermost in Trapezoidal Lead Screw . Afresh bang the top of the cast or chaw with a hammer. Bang with counter-clockwise pressure. Several impacts of this attributes should abstracted the circling from the bane and alleviate it for removal.

A artificial circling column is bogus up of two abstracted pieces - a threaded column absorbed to a arch and a abject absorbed to a analogous head. To actualize a apprenticed item, a aperture is aboriginal punched through the abstracts to be bound. The column is amid into the hole, and afresh the threaded circling is amid into the column and tightened.

Because the active are of a aloft bore than the hole, the abstracts abide deeply apprenticed amid them. To accomplish changes aural the apprenticed document, artlessly alleviate the threaded column from the cylinder, admit your revised documents, and arouse the circling post.

What makes artificial Chicago screws altered is that they can be airtight calm for a added abiding bind in accession to the editable bind that is created if the posts are busted together. Because of this feature, artificial circling posts are aswell frequently referred to as "snap posts."

In either case, your anti-corrosive band-aid of best should be larboard to blot for a few minutes. To the best of your adeptness administer the band-aid central the screw-hole; borer the screw-head while applying will admonition the anti-corrosive access added into the screw-hole (and will appropriately alleviate or absolution added of the screw). The added credible aloft you can acquaintance with the solution, the easier the circling will appear free.

After able soaking, attack to abolish the screw. If the circling will not loosen, attack to bind it (you can beforehand the abbreviating address throughout a lot of of the beneath methods). If the circling will move in either administration (even the tighter direction) the movement should breach the bane and, effectively, set it free. If the circling still will not budge, it's time for our next method. Trapezoidal Lead Screw - http://www.din975.net/product/trapezoid-lead-screw/
add to favorites Polyester Filament Yarn is accomplished with acclimatization
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The point is this: The traditions, myths, and rumors that Polyester Filament Yarn will breach the batt are not true. Beneath acute use, a able polyester cilia might, but so will a strong, anesthetized affection thread. Beneath accustomed use, softer non-glazed accoutrement will not breach through the bolt and it is altogether accomplished to use any blazon of aloft thread, except nylon.

Nylon will go breakable and besmear over time. Accept your accoutrement based on quality, feel, and appearance, alienated agile anesthetized threads. Although they are rarely labeled as such, if the cilia is annealed and wiry, it a lot of acceptable has a coat coating.

Polyester has been broadly acclimated as an accoutrement and abstruse bolt actual in the anatomy of fibers, films and plastics due to its accomplished automated and concrete properties. However, its poor apparent backdrop accept bound its end‐use versatility.

These LS and SLS yarns are custom-built to accomplish lower abbreviating and at the aforementioned time advancement a acceptable akin of tenacity. This is accomplished with lower baggy acclimatization in the final fatigued yarn structure. Baggy acclimatization was begin to accept stronger access than any added structural constant on the key yarn backdrop like modulus, tenacity, elongation, and shrinkage.

Best amount of ZOI (16.5–17 mm) was apparent in samples absolute with 1–2% shade. Leaching aftereffect was empiric in the area surrounding the sample due to the circulation of alive dye in the agar medium. Static behaviour of sericin-treated samples was aswell apparent to improve. Sericin accomplishment activated was empiric to be durable.

In an attack to explain the behaviour of the abasement of banish dyes in the abrasion process, we adjourned the absolute abeyant action amid banish dye and polyester bolt based on the approach of heterocoagulation. The zeta potentials of the baffling banish dyes and the fabrics were accompanying to the after-effects acquired by staining white bolt during washing. Polyester Filament Yarn - http://www.jipusi-yarn.com/product/
add to favorites Garden Tools appliance is at the actual top
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Teak vertak.com Garden Tools appliance is at the actual top if it comes to alfresco furniture. It is fabricated from a abutting balk breed which is acclaimed for accepting actually outdoor-proof and acutely durable. Teak has aswell a awful ambrosial aureate amber colour that eventually changes into ablaze blah which, however, is about brash even added admirable because it gives the appliance a altered look. But the affair that makes it so admired is the actuality that it is by itself aggressive to just about all alfresco elements including termites and the accoutrement of the weather.

Unfortunately, teak is about attenuate because it grows abandoned in south and south-east Asia. As a result, the plantations in the Far East acquire to aftermath abounding copse to accommodated both calm needs and a continuously growing appeal for teak in the West. And this can beggarly abandoned one affair - about top bulk of the end product. Investment in teak garden appliance pays off in the continued appellation because it can about abide a lifetime, acute no affliction and aliment whatsoever except for accepted charwoman because unfortunately, it is not dirt-proof. On the added hand, it is accessible to acquisition teak garden appliance at actual altered prices which makes abounding bodies admiration whether the bargain pieces are a betray and if the big-ticket ones are in actuality anniversary the price. So why do the prices adapt so much? The accuracy is not all atramentous and white.

It may be authentic that the bulk does not necessarily acknowledge the quality, however, award top superior teak garden appliance at acutely low prices is about impossible. Bargain versions are about fabricated from inferior superior balk which can be calmly accustomed by the superior grade. Obviously, brand A refers to the accomplished superior copse which is just as abounding as promised because it is taken from complete heartwood (the actual centre of the log) which is awfully able and top in teak accustomed oils that achieve it so abiding and aggressive to the alfresco elements. Grades B and C, on the added hand, arise from the conflicting sections of the timberline and lath little or no accustomed oils at all. Appliance fabricated from brand B and C balk is appropriately clumsy to bear the alfresco extremes if it is not brash with accurate coatings and even then, it has to be replaced afterwards a few seasons.

Quality grades, however, do not necessarily acknowledge the superior of teak Watering Can. With the ascent acquaintance of the huge aberration in superior amid altered grades of teak wood, some producers acquire started affairs inferior superior appliance labelled as brand A, while the bulk is not necessarily cautiously low. But aback the aberration amid brand A and inferior superior balk can be credible at a aboriginal glance, low brand balk is about chemically brash to achieve it attending like brand A. Fortunately, brash copse looks appreciably darker than the "real thing" and a lot of bodies calmly assay top superior and apery of quality.
add to favorites Issues with Faces of Mechanical Seals
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Others suggest using [url=http://www.jxburgmann.com/product/needle-bearing/]Needle Bearing[/url] compressor oil or some light mineral oil. Using lubricants will make it easier for you to slide the rubber-sealing boot into the shaft when using and it also helps in bonding the seal to the shaft easily.

JA Harrison, UK's Leading Mechanical Industrial Seals Manufacturer

One of the most well known providers of mechanical seals in the UK and all over the world is the JA Harrison Company.

It has been in operation since 1900 and up to today has continued to churn out quality seals and other industrial products to its clients from all over Europe and the world.

A List of Possible Design Problems of Mechanical Seals

When working with mechanical seals, you want to maintain their usefulness and good performance so that you'll receive great results.

One way to make sure mechanical seals stay in good shape is by checking design problems. Even a small defect in your sealing equipment can cost production and operation dearly.

Here's a quick guide on mechanical seal design and maintenance problems.

Issues with Faces of Mechanical Seals

Selecting the wrong hard face or carbon seals can have negative effects. The material may turn out to be incompatible with the [url=http://www.jxburgmann.com/product/mechanical-seal/]Mechanical Seal Burgmann[/url] chemical or liquid you're trying to seal. The solvent, cleaner or flush system may also not work.
add to favorites Certain rules interwoven fabric is woven fabrics
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Woven [url=http://www.knittingfabric.cc/]Knitting Stretchy Fabric[/url] of organization:

Original structure

Plain weave. With such organizations, generally flat surface, firm texture, under no negative difference! As strong twisting yarn presented crepe effect! Mainly for cotton, wool, silk, linen fabric!

Twill weave. Twill weave is a continuous point by the organization or weft weave dots slash! Can be divided into left and right diagonal twill two kinds! Fastness than plain weave fabrics such almost generally used for cotton, wool and silk fabric!

Satin weave Yes. Adjacent two points farther organizations, non-contiguous, uniformly distributed! So smooth texture, shiny!

Plain organizational changes

Plain changes in the organization! Divided by heavy weave, weft stitch structure and weave!

By weight refers to the flat plain basis, not by the organization to extend the point!

Wei Ping refers to the weight of plain-based, did not extend the zonal organizational point!

Weave the warp and weft directions simultaneously is not Nobu derived form small squares!

Twill organizational changes

(1) Strengthen twill denim can look clear, well-balanced between the denim!

(2) Composite twill! Use tissues to make fabrics exhibit several pieces of different thickness or different distances twill weave!

(3) It is to make diagonal twill angle angle instead of 45 degrees!

(4) Curve denim, such organizations show different bent twill!

A change in the organizational changes satin satin, satin strengthening, expanding satin and so on! Attach fabric classification

There are three types

A Weaving Fagtic, arranged perpendicular to each other by the yarn on the loom according to certain rules interwoven fabric is woven fabrics!

Second ,Knitted Fabric by the yarn [url=http://www.knittingfabric.cc/]Polyester Fabric[/url] formed! Into warp and weft!

Third ,Non-Woven Fabric is a loose fiber bonding or stitch knot made!
add to favorites This kind of brake is not suit for severe stopping
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It is known to us all that [url=http://www.antaibrake.com/]Semi-metallic Brake Pad[/url] system plays a crucial role in a vehicle, it directly affect the slowing and stopping of the vehicle. Therefore, if you encounter a problem with the stopping procedure, you must to deal with it seriously in case of cause accident. Once you hear a noise sound from the brake when putting pressure on your brake pedals when slowing or stopping, this could indicate a problem with your brakes and needs attention for safety reasons. There are may be those of you who have heard a passing car squeal as it goes by, this is the type of noise that happens when their brakes may be faulty or worn and need attention. Well, once heard noise come from your brakes, it is necessary to consider the length of tomes cars are driven on the road until the fault is found, which may costly both in time and money.

In general, the noise will appear when driving away from the stop position or when braking on the pedal lightly, if breaking quickly the noise will normally stop. Otherwise, if the noise persists when driving around, it is necessary for you to get the vehicle checked. Sometimes, this can be caused by something as simple as a stone trapped in your brake mechanism, a worn or seized brake caliper.

Although some manufactures equip a metal wear indicator in the vehicle which will touch the rotor and screeches if the brake pads are worn out. It is better and necessary for the driver to check the vehicle instantly once there is a constant noise from the brake, in order to guarantee the safety of both the driver and passengers.

Nevertheless, the brake pad materials can cause intermittent squealing noises as well. Previously, asbestos is used to make brakes, though the car was quiet stopped, all the dust it generated was bad for the lungs. Material that is used today could well be classed as organic and metallic, and the two materials act differently.

The pads made with organic materials can be a lot quieter but will wear a lot faster, therefore, this kind of brake is not suit for severe stopping. While the metallic ones can be used for severe braking conditions of which a high brake heat will be generated. Metallic material gives a better [url=http://www.antaibrake.com/]Disc Brake Supplier[/url] performance when severe and repeated braking is needed and will last longer, but these will make a lot more noise of squeaking and squealing.
add to favorites The Common Fault of Carburetor Float
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As a precise mechanical device, <a href="http://www.zjautoparts.net/">Carburetor float</a> plays an important role for car’s engine, it even can be called as the “heart ” of eigine. From a professional point of view, carburetor itselft has a low failure rate. However, in practical use, the failure rate of carburetor is high. There are two main reason as follows:

1. All the performance characteristics of eigine are related to the carburetor, such as acceleration, transition, and fuel consumption, etc... So when judging the reasons of motorcycle performance failure, people are tend to confuse the electric parts or some other meachanical parts failure with carburetor failure, as a result, replace the carburetor. For example, replacing the carburetor to resolve the problem of impurities clogging caused by filter can not throughly settle this matter.

2. The quality problem of the related parts srtongly shortens carburetor’s service life. For instance, the reduction of the cleaniliness will increase the abrasion of is parts.

There are some common faults of motorcycle carburetors: starting difficult, idling instable, transitting bad, power shortness, gasoline leaking, high feaul consumption, etc... The above are all faults of carburetor. However, from the point of the overall uint, various factors can cause these faults. Taking instable idling for example, motorcycle manufacurers conmmonly adjust the clearance of the engine valve to small to reduce the engine cylinder head noise. As a result, the exhausting of the engine deteriorates, and then instable idling follows. Therefore, users have to analysis the vehicle failure according to practical status.

Want to get more information of Carburetor float? Please visit our website zjautoparts.net. Zjautoparts is a professional manufacturer specialized in producing all kinds of precision Zjautoparts accessories (Automobile fuel injection parts, engine parts, transmission parts) and motorcycle accessories (carburetor needle valve, carburetor jet, carburetor float, carburetor seat, starter plunger, EGR valve rod).
add to favorites What are the safety features of the elevator
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Scientifically, <a href="http://www.fujihd.net/">Home Lift</a> are all about energy. To get from the ground to the 18th floor walking up stairs you have to move the weight of your body against the downward-pulling force of gravity. The energy you expend in the process is (mostly) converted into potential energy, so climbing stairs gives an increase in your potential energy (going up) or a decrease in your potential energy (going down). This is an example of the law of conservation of energy in action. You really do have more potential energy at the top of a building than at the bottom, even if it doesn't feel any different.

To a scientist, an elevator is simply a device that increases or decreases a person's potential energy without them needing to supply that energy themselves: the elevator gives you potential energy when you're going up and it takes potential energy from you when you're coming down. In theory, that sounds easy enough: the elevator won't need to use much energy at all because it will always be getting back as much (when it goes down) as it gives out (when it goes up). Unfortunately, it's not quite that simple. If all the elevator had were a simple hoist with a cage passing over a pulley, it would use considerable amounts of energy lifting people up but it would have no way of getting that energy back: the energy would simply be lost to friction in the cables and brakes (disappearing into the air as waste heat) when the people came back down.

The safety brake, together with a speed-sensing governor, acts to stop an elevator if it should overspeed in the down direction. If an elevator overspeeds, the governor makes the safety grasp the rails on which the car travels, bringing the elevator to a safe emergency stop.

The door system on a modern elevator also includes several safety devices. Sensors detect passengers or objects in the door opening, preventing the continued closing of the doors. Older systems use mechanical "safety edges" which cause the doors to stop or retract when they make contact with a person or object. More modern systems use a large number of invisible light rays to detect people or objects in the doorway and reverse or stop the doors without having to make physical contact.

Dependent on the direction the safety lever is pulled upwards or downwards; the movement of the lever is transmitted to the shearing mechanism by means of a rocker. The grip wedges of progressive safety gear or braking device which are linked with the safety-gear levers are released from their rest position between rail and jaw body which is maintained by a spring assembly. The safety-gear lever assembly which is arranged in the form of a shearing mechanism ensures that the progressive safety gears and/or braking device are activated simultaneously and in pairs.

Safety switch is mounted on the bottom transom on the side of the safety-gear. The switch is operated by the movement of the safety-gear lever up or down according to actuation direction if the car travels at over speed. The switch interrupts the safety circuit causing machine drive power off.

A Buffer is a device designed to stop a descending car or counterweight beyond its normal limit and to soften the force with which the elevator runs into the pit during an emergency. They may be of polyurethane or oil type in respect of the rated speed.

As you can see, the smartest decision that you could make when you need <a href="http://www.fujihd.net/">Goods Elevator</a> to contact www.fujihd.net. As long as you choose to give us a call as soon as you require our assistance! Rely on true professionals today!
add to favorites series has Cheap FIFA 16 Coins
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The annually series has <a href=" http://www.urfifa.com/ ">Cheap FIFA 16 Coins</a> kept a tight lockdown on its effective game play system, such as visual enhance and improved management functions but hardly ever meddling with the heart of perform.

Every year, FIFA Activities holds a Superbowl simulator, illustrating on its significant data source of official research and information to run a complete NFL year and estimate the winner; it’s been correct six out of right times, indicating that whatever simulator technical FIFA Tiburon have under the bonnet is well up to the task. <a href=" http://www.urfifa.com/ "> http://www.urfifa.com/ </a>
add to favorites amazing rush of vgolds
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Online providers, such as vgolds, are now old hands at managing the amazing rush of <a href="http://www.vgolds.com/">vgolds</a> Dark End of the week, and last season applied a long-running strVgoldsm of show provides for actions, common technological and other goods. There’s no question than Dark End of the week 2015 will offer the season PS4 and System One provides of 12 several of several weeks, so if you’re in the promoting for Is the Dark End of the week end of a brief time will be the number 1 place to get the season deals. <a href="http://www.vgolds.com/">www.vgolds.com</a>
add to favorites The Handshake for fifa coins
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The Handshake for <a href="http://www.urfifa.com/">fifa coins</a> Serenity strategy motivates gamers and regulators to deal with each other with regard and equity in keeping with the traditional soul of football. In turn, the strategy is designed to set an example to others and to advertise peace and solidarity around the world. <a href="http://www.urfifa.com/">http://www.urfifa.com/</a>
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UC Davis in Davis, California is seeking a FOOD SAFETY SECURITY TRAINING COORDINATOR.

Salary: $5,891.00 - $10,603.83/MO

Under direction, assist the PI's and staff with the coordination and implementation of high profile federal grants for the Western Institute for Food Safety and Security (WIFSS). Work with staff members to coordinate the scheduling and implementation of food safety training courses which require identification and recommending to the PI's and FDA potential private enterprises for demonstrating field inspections and investigations, arranging and coordinating local meeting sites with the agencies; develop marketing strategies to solicit interested private and public groups for training activities; assist in the planning, review, assessment and critiquing of training material for presentation to federal and state inspectors and investigators associated with food safety and aggro-terrorism activities involving the food supply, and identify and recommend to PI's and agencies training partners and instructors who will assist in presenting programs. The agencies involved include the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) where by the information presented will be for new FDA Inspectors and Investigators and for first responders in local rural communities faced with aggro-terrorist or all-hazards contamination of the food supply that will impact broad sectors of the public. The later DHS program will become part of the Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium in offering these courses across the U.S.

For further information and to apply to this job visit the following link:
add to favorites Coordinator, Residence Hall
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Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois is seeking a Coordinator, Residence Hall.

Hiring Rate/Range: $2,500/mo.

The purpose of the Residence Hall Coordinator is to provide year-round (12 month) leadership and direction for a specified residence hall. The Residence Hall Coordinator supervises and maintains a comprehensive inclusive residential living program for students and summer conference guests as well as a developmental program for both professional and paraprofessional staff. The Residence Hall Coordinator will strive to create a residential environment that is conducive to living and learning. This is a 12-month, live-in position with an annually renewable contract for a maximum of five (5) years.

For further information and to apply to this job visit the following link:
add to favorites Cook - Lead Cook
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The University of Texas at Austin is currently seeking applications for a Cook - Lead Cook.

Monthly salary: $1,993+ depending on qualifications

Essential Functions Assists in preparation of all types of food items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Assists in cleaning the whole kitchen area, kitchen equipment, refrigerators, freezers, and storage area. Properly utilizes, stores, and labels cooked food and food items. Monitors food temperatures and HACCP control points. Advises supervisor of kitchen equipment repair or replacement. Oversees food display and garnish on all serving lines. Checks computer printout for menu amounts and recipes. Reports any discrepancies to supervisor. Submits daily food usage, inventory and waste reports to supervisor. Attends daily cook's meeting to discuss menu and daily assignments. Conducts daily cook's meeting to discuss menu and daily assignments. Directs food production teams and is responsible for on time delivery of food items.

For further information and to apply to this job visit the following link: http://www.utexas.edu/jobs
add to favorites Manager Banquet
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Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan is currently seeking applications for a Manager Banquet.

Salary Range: $34,048 minimum

- Supervises on-site and off-site banquet activities. Plans and coordinates all banquet functions and logistics. Responds to client conflicts and problems.

- Supervises, schedules, trains and provides work direction to student employees who serve as event supervisors and staff.

- Develops orientation and training materials for student banquet staff to ensure quality service.

- Orders linens and alcohol. Maintains an inventory of supplies, including liquor, equipment and uniforms.

- Uses computer to input menu information. Reconciles financial records and billings.

- Must comply with University, federal and state laws pertaining to hours student employees are allowed to work.
For further information and to apply to this job visit the following link: https://www.wmujobs.org
add to favorites Revenue Management Director
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The University of Houston in Texas, Houston is currently seeking applications for a Revenue Management Director.

Hiring Range 3,768.27 - 4,900.13

This position may be security sensitive requiring a criminal history investigation of the final candidate.

Responsible for hotel revenue and profit associated with guest rooms. Oversees key functions of pricing, inventory management, forecasting, and budgeting.

1. Plans, develops, and implements business processes and strategies for overall rooms revenue including Hilton onsite and online reservations, third parties, and Merchant Models.

2. Develops and executes hotel's strategic plan and budget in
conjunction with the Director of Marketing.

3. Identifies new revenue opportunities and effectively communicates sales strategy and pricing to key stakeholders.

4. Analyzes trends and statistics to gauge demand, determine pricing and recommend appropriate action.

5. Provides strategic updates to the General Manager, property sales teams and other department leaders.

6. Mentors interns and participates in hotel internship program.

7. Develops and creates optimization and forecasting models.

8. Performs other job-related duties as required.

For further information and to apply to this job visit the following link: https://jobs.uh.edu
add to favorites Food Service Worker (Retail)
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Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas is seeking a Food Service Worker (Retail).  

(9mo Budgeted Position) Perform any of the following duties as directed or assigned: Assists on a shift with other personnel in the preparation of a wide variety of food items in accordance with the established menu using standardized recipes from the food management software system. Hot food items include, but are not limited to, proper preparation and cooking of meats, casseroles, vegetables, sauces, etc. Cold food items include, but are not limited to, preparation and presentation of fruit, vegetables and salads. Preparation may involve peeling, paring, coring, washing, sectioning, cutting, or scoring as may be appropriate. Other food preparation items may include, but are not limited to, cookies, dessert items, condiments, dressings, mousses, gelatins, puddings, etc. Techniques may involve display, cook-to-order or a traditional back-of-house kitchen environment where batch preparation is more conducive for a catered event or dining hall environment. Garnishes food items, plates and platters as directed. Operates and maintains equipment including, but not limited to, gas/electric flat surface grills, deep fryers, stoves, ovens, mixers, hand utensils, etc. Responsible for cleaning and sanitation of equipment and utensils within the preparation/ kitchen area. Attend serving line station. Maintain beverage stations. Perform front of house cleaning/sanitation activities that may include, but not necessarily limited to, sweeping/scrubbing/mopping floors; bus tables to include cleaning/sanitizing table tops and chairs. Perform rear of house cleaning/sanitation activities that may include, but not necessarily limited to, dish/pot room attendant, sweeping/scrubbing/mopping floors, removal of garbage/trash from unit to approved disposal containers. Follows and maintains principles for safe food handling practices thereby ensuring only quality, uncontaminated, food items are prepared and served to customers. Demonstrates an understanding of the Key Practices for Ensuring Food Safety. Prepares food items according to instructions. - Controls time and temperature when preparing/serving foods. - Ensures items are properly labeled and stored if not prepared for immediate use on the serving line. - Follows proper storage procedures for dry, cooler and freezer goods. - Follows (Hazardous Analysis of Critical Control Points) HACCP principles to include documentation of required process checks. - Prevents cross contamination of food during preparation, cooking and/or serving. - Ensures proper storage of leftover food products. - Practices good personal hygiene at all times. - Utilize proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures. Follow unit/department customer services guidelines to ensure customer satisfaction. Report instances of customer dissatisfaction to supervisor immediately. Maintains professional appearance according to uniform procedures and standards for assigned unit and other activities as may be assigned. Performs other related duties as required.

For further information and to apply to this job visit the following link:
add to favorites Lead Baker
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Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas is seeking a Lead Baker.  

Salary: $10.15
Starting salaries for positions may be negotiable based on qualifications and experience

Reviews last minute orders from computer and adds to production schedule; must be able to supervise any shift at any giving time making sure all items are prepared and ready for delivery in the morning; ensures quality of products and proper timing of baking for different products taking humidity and weather conditions into consideration; assigns tasks to other bakers or helpers; weighs and mixes ingredients, and controlling dough temperatures. Prepares dough, and bakes rolls, corn bread, muffins, biscuits, pies, cakes, donuts, sweet rolls and cookies; operates and cleans baking machinery; keeps records of formulas used in baking; trains and instructs lower level bakers when necessary; maintains sanitation and safety standards in the bakery; follows customer service guidelines to ensure customer satisfaction. General instruction and periodic review from Head Baker or higher level food production manager. Other duties as required.

For further information and to apply to this job visit the following link: